belmont master bedroom reveal

serene mid-century master bedroom design

I’m excited to introduce you to our finished Belmont master bedroom project. I never got around to sharing the before photos and design plan with you when we started the project, so I’ll give you the full scoop today. Our client moved into this home with a couple of existing pieces they were hoping to re-use - their bed and dresser. Although this furniture was very strong and heavy, the goal for the room was to create a space that evoked a soft, serene feeling, a little “oasis” if you will.

Here’s what we started with before they moved in…

Bedroom Before

Not a bad start, but the room had some layout challenges which led to the french doors being removed and the closets being relocated beyond that point. This allowed us to free up some space for the dresser. The window was also removed above the bed. While I’m a big fan of windows and natural light, it just felt odd and in the way.

We started out by coming up with a design scheme that balanced their existing furniture pieces while adding warmth, texture and interest. The walnut nightstands and bed bench paired with leather offered an organic and natural feel while still feeling heavy enough that the bed and dresser did not feel out of place. We chose a super neutral and plush rug, sheer curtains and textured linen bedding to add softness to the space. And to accent the room, we added a statement to the dresser with some funky mid-century lamps paired with linen shades, and my favorite sconces with bold black shades and warm brass accents to anchor the bed and nightstands. The large mirror above the dresser adds another hint of brass and reflects the light from the windows to give the room a more balanced feel. Lastly, the subtle soothing artwork above the bed adds to the feeling of softness and serenity.

bedroom decor

The end result came out beautifully, a calm but lively bedroom retreat with carefully thought out details and a fun mid-century twist.

mid-century master bedroom
neutral master bedroom

Interior Design and Styling by Jessica Ford Design
Floral Styling and Art Direction by Wild Folk
Photography by Joyelle West
Renovation by Na Fianna Construction

baby c's nursery project

Hi folks! I apologize for the long hiatus, life has been a bit all over the place these last few months. I’m excited to hop back on here to introduce a fun new project that’s in the works. My dear cousin and friend, Jaime, is due with her first baby boy this spring and when she asked me to help design the nursery I jumped at the chance. As many of you know, interior design projects can mean a whole lot of lead times and patience, so as we count the days until everything starts coming in, I thought I would share our plans for this adorable space with you.

Jaime’s goals for the nursery are summed up perfectly in her blog post, “From the beginning, I envisioned the nursery to be mostly neutral with pops of color - serene, not too "baby" and with pieces that will grow with the baby and our home. Once we found out it was a boy, I was full into a woodland theme. After searching and finding tons of options, we went with Little Unicorn's Forest Friends pattern as the base of the design. It fit the bill perfectly!”. Here’s a little peak at how the room looked before we got started.

nursery before
nursery before

As you can see, the room was a blank slate, my favorite kind of space ;). Once we worked through an ideal layout and a priority list (and got rid of that ceiling fan!), I came up with a couple nursery design schemes to pull it all together. Each scheme stemmed off of a specific crib selection, whether it be Crate and Kid’s Hampshire Crib or Kalon Studios Caravan Crib.

Nursery design scheme 1
Nursery Design scheme 2

We had a little trouble deciding which direction to go because they are both just so darn cute, but finally nailed down some selections and we are on our way! We’ve made a few tweaks since these initial ideas, and I can’t wait to show you the finished project soon! The bottom line is that designing a nursery is FUN. Who’s having a baby next? ;)

monday mood board // the colors and textures of SMA

We’re in the midst of planning an exciting trip this summer and it has me thinking back to some of our more recent ventures. This past spring we were extremely fortunate to visit San Miguel de Allende (SMA) in Mexico and stay at the breathtaking home of designers Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy, owners of Casamidy. I could go on and on about the work of Jorge and Anne-Marie, and I will on this blog soon, but for today’s Monday Mood Board, I thought I would highlight some of the colors and textures of SMA. For all of you fellow design-minded and creative folks, this place is a haven for local artisans, inspiring and historical architecture and amazing food. I can’t wait to share more of this trip with you! Stay tuned…

san miguel de allende

monday mood board // ochre

Maybe it’s these icy cold December days that have me mesmerized by the warmth of ochre, but regardless of the season, I can’t seem to shake this color. It’s bold and vibrant, but pairs perfectly with neutrals so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. I love the idea of bringing ochre into a muted room through textiles or upholstery for a toned-down approach. If you’re looking to make a bigger impact, try painting a feature wall or your cabinetry - Farrow and Ball India Yellow is a favorite!

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monday mood board // holiday edition

I’ve been feeling a bit grinchy this year when it comes to holiday decor. While I don’t think I’ve ever been anything other than a holiday minimalist, I seem to be craving even less “stuff” this time around. In my opinion, you should never have to sacrifice style and space when it comes to being festive. Here’s a glimpse at what’s inspiring me this holiday season - simple, neutral and earthy decor. Still quite beautiful I’d say.

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